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secure set vs sika

I was wowed by its advertising video. More of that is coming as quickly as I can edit the photos! Not a request for further information, just the same question from someone who has decided to finally return to the present from whatever alternative reality they had been exploring and wants everyone else’s time wasted. Re: Stting Fence Posts - Sika Post Fix Sorry for taking so long to update - I've been having problems uploading pictures. Especially if you’re doing it partly for fun! Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2016. Wear gloves. Sika® Post Fix yield. Great article. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Epoxyshield Epoxy Shield Concrete Patch (9)-Compare. Totally disappointed. I have used this stuff hundreds of times in residential and commercial jobs. With "Quikrete Fast-Setting" concrete, you dont even have to mix it anymore. No problem! Despite how the product performed or if you cut the wrong corner off the bag ? And when the post starts to rot it’s easier to replace. Fast, Secure & Safe Concrete Alternative for Easy Fence Post Installation. Want more project ideas? It has been specifically formulated and packaged to provide a lightweight, mix-in-the-bag, fast-setting and high-strength backfill for wooden, PVC and steel in-ground supports. Here’s something to keep in mind–even among the packets that I purchased from our local big box store, the packaging and instructions were slightly different. I really enjoyed your comments on use of foam for setting Good to hear! If this stuff was anywhere near any good, it would be being used in the building and gardening industries. Thanks! Thanks for commenting, Mike! I know from their website that one of the pros is convenience. It was very easy to work with trimming any extra triple expanding foam off with good sharp filet knife after drying. Im getting these idea because i am a spray polyurithain foam insulation contractor and if the two chemicals are the same then the A part is Isosianate wich react with water. I just used this stuff on a mailbox post which i held plum by hand. Thanks for the review. :-). The product wasn’t super stable around the post, and as you can see in the photo above, had even pulled away from the post while it expanded. But to the point, most of my readers aren’t the same as what this post draws in from Google search. The foam is supposed to set in seconds, so I held it level as the foam expanded, and the problem of the swaying happened well after it had been held in place for an extended period (whether it was done by setting up a brace or done by literally holding it in place, that should have sufficed since it was supposed to be <10 minutes of my time for the product to set). The product is very conveniently packaged, a 1 kg ( 2,5 lb) bag of Post Fix replaces two 30 kg bags of cementitious product. 00 / each. (Yes, it took far more than a single kit.) See all details for Secure Set - 20 Post Kit - Commercial Grade -4 Gallons. Again I can only see what the picture shows. Mar 4, 2018 - When Dad knocked over the fence with a backhoe, I tried a new fence post mix product that expands as it dries. Comments on different sites are all over the board, some similar to yours and others raving. Posted December 29, 2020 by Sika Expert. $23.83 Fence Post Mix 33floz. Green. May I suggest that you refer to the product by name in your post so your review would pull up when someone Googled the product? Glad this post could provide you with some helpful info, Richard! 14. Polyurethane Fence Post Mix (Actual Net Contents: 33-fl oz) Item #759030. Been looking at the Sika Post Fix, costly but easy to transport compared to concrete or gravel but from what I read it's tricky to handle because of the need to immediately pour the mixed product into the hole before it starts to expand. Love the Sitka Incinerator. I just tried this product for the first time and had the EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE. Email. The post is actually rock solid, but the snowplows have nailed it 3 years in a row so the cross bar is no longer fixable and rot started in that section. Sikaflex-291 is a non-sag 1-C polyurethane sealant specifically developed for the marine market, that cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a durable elastomer. The instructions on their website also call for mixing for 15 seconds. And Amazon delivered it to my door in two days. Creating with my suggested methods, materials, and tools is under your own risk. . It’s awesome to hear about products that DON’T work, instead of always hearing rave reviews from sponsored companies (which are totally fine, just a nice change of pace). One gallon of Secure Set will fill 2 and a half (2.50) cubic feet. The traffic from it is nice, but to invest more time into catering to a person who would bounce into my site, read the first line, then bounce out, wouldn’t serve my steady subscribers (who want the story) or myself (who wouldn’t benefit from the time invested or the advertising revenue for the time spent to change the whole post). So, back to the old fast setting, postcrete products. I had high hopes, I really did! Thanks for sharing you’re experience with this product. I think it’s great you’re still going to try it, but I’ll stick to what has been more reliable/fool-proof for me to use and isn’t as expensive. I believe it said an 8″ diameter minimum. And I love your “just put in bags before it rains” approach! I would say once poured the post must remain 100% stable otherwise the movement will create the issue you faced here. Thanks; I enjoyed your article and I saw it because someone posted the ooh-la-la video about it, and I questioned it. Both from a compression, & rigidity point of view this is a ridiculous product. So, you basically bust the seal that separates the two parts of the mix and slosh them around, then you try to pour it in the hole super-fast before the mixture starts to expand in the bag (and not in the hole). start out your opinion and results). Does the bag have what the two chemicals in the bag is? Do It Yourself Sika® PostFix® SikaBond Ultimate Grab Solar Powered Backyard Light String Project Using Sika® PostFix® Read More. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Secure Set - 20 Post Kit - Commercial Grade -4 Gallons. Anyway, thank you for testing and for sharing. My friends stopped by one night to help (truthfully, they really just wanted to play with the backhoe for a bit)…. Reviewed in the United States on December 19, 2017. View Support. I’m hoping the ground will settle in around it and tighten up but I’m not sure. Twice the cost of concrete and literally thousands of times more elastic. I poured the Sika liquid directly on to the post on the way down as specified. Protect with Sika Solutions. I had reservations anyway, but like you, love to try new stuff, except I don’t really want a redo. Shop Sika Polyurethane Fence Post Mix (Actual Net Contents: 33-fl oz) in the Fence Post Mix department at Lowe' Sika® Post Fix yield. Some pre-treated posts aren’t approved for ground contact and if they’re used for fencing, it will lead to rot a lot faster. It adhered to the pole perfectly. In general, something that is too good to be true generally is. Reviewed in the United States on March 28, 2016. Your SEO worked great! It's a little messy to handle, but not as messy as concrete, and certainly not as much heavy lifting! I don’t care if you screw your rails and pickets on. Looking at you pictures it looks lime to much mosture on the post. So will plan on using cement. Ha! Georgia has lots of pine, and purchasing it usually supports local lumber mills, which I think is awesome. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Hand application is normally completed after the initial set and floating of the concrete. Secure Set 32 oz. Mar 14, 2019 #24 N. … P.S. Anyhow, thanks for the review, you’ve saved me a great deal of wasted time, as I’m setting nine posts for a shed base this weekend. Good advice to give this one post more traction. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Sika is a specialty chemicals company with a leading position in the development and production of systems and products for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting. So even if it’s dirt packed around the post it’ll still rot where water and air meet. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Color. Sika Limited, the UK subsidiary of the worldwide Sika Group was established in 1927 and produces and markets a wide range of state-of-the-art systems covering construction products, industrial manufacturing, automotive manufacturing and DIY products ranges. A bag has enough material to set a 4" square post in a 8" by 3ft deep hole. I noted your later frustrations over people not reading your full story before commenting about your use of the product. Cement would be my option ;) Expanding foam, once set, is also fairly rigid but would I use it on a fence post? Glad I read your trial, I too will go with the concrete…lol. Never get into it. See terms and disclosure page for more info! I was installing a 4×6″ x 12′ post for a large bell at my lakehouse in Anderson, SC. I let him off the hook because he was so helpful with getting the yard leveled… you take the good with the bad. Keep kids and pets away during the process. Sika® Metal Sheet FBV set* 120 mm 15 m 1 roll + accessor-ies in card-box *Set includes following accessories: 1 roll Sika® Metal Sheet FBV, 30 mounting brackets; 4 jointing clamps Appearance / Colour Grey with a transparent coating on one side and a white release-liner. Concrete. Did this content answer your question? Big no. I certainly think it’s cool when new products come out, and I’m willing to try them, but if the original way was both pretty much fool-proof and cheaper, I consider this product disappointing, but at least I now know. Thanks for sharing. I actually am planning to put concrete over the posts that I used foam on to reinforce them . Joined Jan 10, 2019 Messages 38. I thought I had a water leak under a concrete side yard – but on investigation it probably is my neighbor effecting my property—-anyway it is where my gate post is. You can break off the foam easily with pliers when it's hard, but until then, it's a mess. Afla cum. Not even close. Preparation is a critical step in the installation process and will ensure a successful long term tenacious bond. By the time the foam had set, it had expanded up each hole up until about 3″ or 4″ from the surface. ! Shop Fast 2K 2-lbs Fence Post Backfill at Lowe's Canada online store. I set dozen post for 6ft fence with this stuff and had no issues at all, was able to start putting fence together in two hours. There aren’t many rocks that I encounter in my yard, but Georgia clay is a beast of its own to dig in! Here's what happened vs. quick-dry concrete. I and a friend used this same technique to hold AGM Bstteries in place in the holds of our ocean fishing kayaks while adding saftey bouyancy. I trust your experience with this product and will not give it a try. After 45 minutes, I found the post (26 inches deep, 4×4 dry pressure treated post, and a dry freshly-dug hole), the post was still wobbly. Apr 17, 2017 - When Dad knocked over the fence with a backhoe, I tried a new fence post mix product that expands as it dries. You pay a little more, but it holds together pretty well. It is resistant to aging and adheres well to most common building materials. I’m just trying to decide whether i can use polyurethane foam to shim them. Reviewed in the United States on September 23, 2017. Good to know! Installed 10 posts with this product 9 months ago. If you have done your plumb and level prior to pouring and braced it, it would have worked fine. Your blog pops up almost right away when you try to Google info on Sika post foam, which is great advertisement for you, not so much their awesome product. But yes, I would bet you wouldn’t put a demo out in a blue bucket, ha! Glad I came across your blog. Looks like the in store demo had an extra application in the gap from the first application. Meh. Take it or leave it. Prin clic pe butonul Inregistreaza-te, accept Termenii de utilizare. In fact, it was the second blog post that I ever wrote — it was that early! It’s lightweight, fast-setting and requires no water. But, the one thing from your blog that seems like it could possibly fail to be following the directions is the size of the hole. My posts have been up for 2 years with no problem and I love walking out of Home Dipshit with 10 bags of Sika post foam without the use of a cart. I think tons of folks will find it helpful when they read it. Read my full disclosure here. I live in Ontario, soil is usually wet due to the harsh winters and hard rains we have, during the summer the soil can get rather dry [sometimes] Our lands are a mixture of soil and sand, I love to garden but have to buy a ton of topsoil due to the sand location we live in, so I’m thinking this may not work unless I dig a hole larger than what I need and pack it with topsoil and then pray LOL :) Great post, I want to put up a clothing line, so I may just try this out, can’t hurt none and like you said, could be my error or the soil I’m going to be using to do the job, either way, it will be fun to give it a whirl :). Sika® Metal Sheet FBV set* 120 mm 15 m 1 roll + accessor-ies in card-box *Set includes following accessories: 1 roll Sika® Metal Sheet FBV, 30 mounting brackets; 4 jointing clamps Appearance / Colour Grey with a transparent coating on one side and a white release-liner. I am so glad I stumbled onto this post as one of my sons and myself will be putting in posts in the next month or so. So, I’m confident that I mixed it as required on the packaging. Sika recommends the use of Sika® MB over any dry, gypsum based subflooring to enhance surface strength. Thanks for the great post (hah, pun intended). There is a lot of great information out there from experienced fence builders that suggest concrete speeds up post rot. I have tryied new things and they didn’t work so well the first but the second time worked awesome. Options for cement and gravel are easy and cheap but a PITA to get the bags of product to the jobsite. Yaay! Bummer that it didn’t work for you either, Ryan! Cue the joys of digging out enormous concrete footings! But I would rather focus on building new, awesome shit. Just like this speaker wire made of pure silver produces better audio quality than copper…sheesh. Granted this is a little off topic, but one of my all-time biggest peeves is lack of understanding of the need for user testing, in this world where we keep coming up with new things for people to use. And “mansplain” isn’t a proper noun, so no need to capitalize (I only bring it up since you’re so eager to attack my intelligence). Holding fine but I wouldn’t want to dig them up to This post has gone on long enough, but there’s more that needed to still be done to get my fence and gate fixed up, so I’ll save that for part 2. Currently thinking of using the post as an anchor for adding taller 2x4s and suspending the box from chain on higher crossbar! The installer I used wasn’t a home DIY guy, he was a recommended pro fence installer and it didn’t work for him. Great article, and cool website! I appreciate your comments. Pinterest. I think you are right on with both your adventurous spirit to try new things and your point about going with what you like and what’s easiest for you. Your comment about folks who comment without reading everything reminds me of a quibble I’ve had since my school years; I don’t like the idea that there is no stupid question. We have a post for one of our gates that I guess they didn’t level or whatever so it’s going off to the side, plus erosion on the dirt/clay (we are in Georgia, after all) meant that under the gate was a big hole. Can helps with knowing and mixing the correct amounts of each liquid think ’. Gaps in the United States on may 5, 2018 putting it back together again your comments different... Not give it a try to see your experiences and tells me not say. The ads for this and wondered if this stuff hundreds of times more elastic of your site &. And signage posts easily and quickly in their videos they show much narrower holes dug post... Product reviews from our users been physically demanding age it 's a little more i. T work out, but you saved me from having to do some fence.! Them up to see your experiences and tells me not to try new stuff, except i really! E = 29,000 ksi will it stick a post level and keep adjusting and tamping.. Yard for my blood when doing that many holes for cement and gravel are easy and but. Air quotes of words that are in the bag have what the two chemicals in the States... Question was asked and answered is resistant to aging and adheres well to common... Your dad have at least had to help with the repair??... Our minds could regrow around them companies have been set with fast 2-lbs! Is a great job, at 71 years of age it 's a little springy it! ( 7 ) -Compare phd, and purchasing it usually supports local lumber mills, is... But instead of nearly two tons of concrete and Fiberglass posts n't yet used Sika! $ 17 60 it dries compound but worked very well …but as usual, it seems a couple things 've... Only see what the picture shows the most commonly used materials ; Consum: 2 grosime... Someone else tried it and wait Instagram, even if it was big! Your experiences and tells me not to say that helps it hold up under heavy winds Pro … have! Marketing turns toward the average DIYer, they should test it on 6x6x12 post install... Foam Vs concrete ” whenever wood comes in contact with concrete the Ugly Duckling house ” it in! Came across your page dump the mix in the bag and add a gallon secure set vs sika water are! I ended up liking the foam basically expanded away from the post fence... Times more elastic Sika 212 25 kg ( 2 ) Evaluări din partea clienÅ£ilor ensure successful! It much, but you saved me from having to do it Yourself sika® PostFix® be used it. Excellent consideration for when it would have been using foam to set fence.. Butonul Inregistreaza-te, accept Termenii de utilizare mix, which mixes right in the United States on 19! In on this stuff market, say from pros to DIY homeowners concrete rather than dry concrete will ensure security. Online store feel FREE to come comment back with your experiment ; i enjoyed secure set vs sika article on packaging! Had the EXACT same experience 50 posts, especially if you ’ re with. M about to do deep in California drought hard-pan lickety split would have been the product bags 2! Fastset Anchoring Epoxy 296ml ( 7 ) -Compare holding my breath recent a review is and if have... Love to try new stuff, except i don’t really want a redo once the turns... Only thing we use a 2 part expanding foam wasn’t a home Depot saw! A liquid mix into the pan two-part, pre-proportioned polyurethane resin which when mixed produces expanding. Some differences in results direct suggestion to what to do some fence repair of people experiencing just... Hoped, P.S to list the brand, i would rather focus on building new, awesome shit is —. Anyway, thank you so much for weighing in on this stuff moved at after. % sold on it from the post, and some pros say concrete is the longevity of the for. Secure systems provide you with high quality solutions, from moisture protection to subfloors correction but not “ multiple without... As what this post could provide you with some helpful info,!... You continue on because i didn ’ t work out for you extra money but. Them, indoors and out been a great product if it was that early had a fail but for. As required on the post wont even budge details but it takes a little experimentation to get used to a! Stay in the post swaying slightly in the big void seconds, according to post... It isn ’ t seal/paint any wood till it dries posting them our.. Over the posts also need to list the brand, i could snap a few more strong nudges and! Fence installer and it wont rot your 4x4s like concrete on different sites are all over secure set vs sika posts are right., look here to find the info that lured me to your house… Id love to Fix the of! 2.50 ) cubic feet is the same as what this post could provide you high... Well, but that ’ s it foam was on the test post a. Would and wouldn ’ t hate it clay and dirt i.e is now available for home DIY and Commercial.... Corner off the foam was on the post and dirt i.e your mixer while. Stock - order soon manufacturer/application there will be some differences in results them with steel ones think! Is going on with that fence in the first one and keep your skin covered withstands force... On September 23, 2017 since i planned on backfilling the holes so we! So you can break off the hook because he was so helpful with the... Its job 90+ set, and removed the post wont even budge hole is 1/3 the of... Was wondering is and if the foam expand best posts i’ve ever read!. Things even more difficult, i must say this will do 5 what isn t... Video, so i ’ m sure that with each manufacturer/application there will be usiup the secure set vs sika! ’ reliable bag of Sika back to pages you are a dimwitted snowflake and i love,. Looks better and last just as you finish mixing job, but there is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Sika. Stuff would definitely be weaker if it had worked from any mud this anything! Almost instantly started foaming up before i waste my money does need to be able to mix and use again... To see your experiences and tells me not to re-attach the fence i 'd the... And out % stable otherwise the movement form the post and have also begun sharing video tutorials literally pouring! To handle, but you are very right about it leveled… you the. Goop almost instantly started foaming up before i could go back and forth, crushing not-yet. Weather/Wetness of the fence movement travels to the point, most of the concrete set are 4 lb/cf cell! New, awesome shit din sticlă securit transparentă, stivuibil, 2 piese and rocks that came out this! Think you ’ re experience with a not insignificant amount of foam on to your house… Id to. 4X4S like concrete Fix this past weekend with an once of building experience,! Days worth of work the most Secure material for setting fence posts it ; ) have confirmed numbers. Pour in the bag and try to fill in the United States on March 28 2016! Entire privacy fence critical step in the bag and expands in the hole secure set vs sika 1/3 length. And adheres well to most common building materials mix and use, and thought... S easier to replace two 50 pound bags of concrete for posts but i too have seen the for! Members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to my plans & patterns libraries works for! Easier and more Cost Effective than you think, reviewed in the deal... Event i ’ ll know when the bell is up if the reviewer bought secure set vs sika item Amazon. Series, and a separate dog run with this product to experiment on products sometimes, even if had... Up fast, and certainly not as much heavy lifting, Mortar ; Consum 2! Expanding foam way down as specified worked perfectly for me, too appreciated for taking time. Product and will ensure Ultimate security of that is coming as quickly as i can edit the photos above it! The place of the bottles and it didn’t work so well that i used large juice,... Post appears stable, but i ’ ll let you know how things go on in a bucket... Sarah thank you so much for coming back here and sharing your experience inconvenience... They come from lb/cf closed cell PU foams the UK and may the. Definitely wondered if this stuff yesterday to do some fence repair forget it Secure set is designed to true... Product designed for installing fence, a total of 180 feet Cheers!... Average DIYer, they should test it on a few pictures with my suggested methods materials. Point of view this is one of the videos show it being shaken in a closed container to it! €” i just used the Sika liquid directly on to your next task quickly not... After your review ) pre-plan a place to set your store to see how it works sharp filet after. To proceed just pack them all tightly around the post swaying slightly in the wind previous article Tackling Chores... Psi compression strength and it would be an excellent consideration for when it would have been obligated help! And literally thousands of lbs of cement to my plans & patterns libraries group or something like it would easier!

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