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when does the condenser fan come on refrigerator

If the condenser fan motor does not have continuity, replace it. Evaporator Fan Motor. Refrigerators that have their condenser coil mounted on the back of the cabinet do not have one. A condenser unit used in central air conditioning systems typically has a heat exchanger section to cool down and condense incoming refrigerant vapor into liquid, a compressor to raise the pressure of the refrigerant and move it along, and a fan for blowing outside air through the heat exchanger section to cool the refrigerant inside. Where It’s Located: The condenser fan is located in the bottom cabinet by the compressor and the condenser coils. The function of the fan is to push (or pull) cool air across the coils connected to the refrigerant pump to cool them down (thus shedding the heat that's pulled out of the inside of the freezer). The evaporator fan can be found behind the rear panel of the freezer and testing it yourself can help you troubleshoot freezer issues and save you money in repairs. Most of the time, when the freezer fan is operating, the compressor fan should also be working. Also asked, how do you clean the condenser coils on a Frigidaire refrigerator? If the blade does not spin freely, replace the condenser fan motor. Some refrigerators have more than one evaporator fan motor. Is this correct? This collision is by far one of the biggest causes of fridge noise. Submitted: 8 years ago. The compressor uses electricity to pump the refrigerant through the refrigeration cycle. What Parts of a Refrigerator Causes Noise? One of the first troubleshooting methods you should use is determining whether or not the refrigerator is cooling properly. Show Less. the frig will still work if the coil cooling fan stops though it will work harder and could shorten compressor life. Yes, the condenser fan motor should come on when your compressor does. The condenser fan motor is usually on the bottom of the fridge near the back, conveniently close to the compressor. Here are some ways you can check if your AC fan is … If the clicking sound is accompanied by a loss of … Having the fan push the air toward the compressor side of the refrig seemed to be contrary to good design and I thought the noise might be coming from the fan blade interacting with the fan shroud. On your model the control board doesn't operate the motor, its just your motor thats bad. leave it out away from the wall a foot or two. If your fridge is loud than ever before, the condenser fan motor could be responsible. Cause 3. Ask Your Own Appliance Question. If one of the fans is not working or the compressor is off, the refrigerator will offer very little cooling or none at all. Compressors, ice makers, defrosters, fan motors, evaporator fan motors, freezer components, a door seal and circuit boards are some of the more frequent appliance parts that need repair. Thank you for your help. Refrigerator Not Working at All. Share this conversation. Cleaning Condenser Coils On Refrigerator. If you don’t hear the compressor running after the door has been left open for a while, it could mean the condenser fan is stuck or worn out or that the relay or compressor is bad. pull the fridge out. There are three components in the refrigerator that draw energy: the compressor, the condenser fan, and the evaporator fan. Once the freezer reaches it's intended operating temperature, both the pump and the fan normally turn off, to save power. from the coils. The dirt that collects on a refrigerator's coils causes the condenser to retain heat, rather than dissipating it, which makes the compressor work harder trying to overcome what it senses is too much heat. The fan should come on whenever the compressor cycles on. It's fairly easy to perform a continuity test on the fan to determine whether or not you need to replace it. The clicking sound may come from your fridge’s condenser coils, the compressor, start relay, or the condenser fan. The condenser fan cools condenser coils by drawing air over them. If the condenser fan motor is not working properly, the refrigerator won’t cool properly. Condenser fan providing proper heat exchange for the condenser coils. 1. The compressor is running ,the fan by the compressor is running fine. It’s a good habit to vacuum the area on a regular basis. The condenser fan motor draws air though the condenser coils and over the compressor. It is important to note that refrigerators with condenser coils on the back will not have a fan. 2) Evaporator fan motor. A refrigerator condenser is one of the main operating components that make up the cooling system on a standard refrigerator. I have Kitchenaid Refrigerator model number: KFIS29PBMS01 the fridge is working fine and I see frost build up on its evap coil but the freezer isn’t working, there no frost on the evap coils, the fan above the evap coil is running fine and the temp in freezer is 60F. Some older models enter the cycle more than 50 percent of the time. If your freezer stops getting cold but you can hear the condenser motor in the refrigerator working, there’s a good chance the problem is with your evaporator fan motor. Next, try turning the fan motor blade by hand. take the louvered grill off the front and back. One is a condenser fan located in the bottom of the refrigerator, and the other is an evaporator fan in the freezer compartment. The evaporator fan motor draws air over the evaporator (cooling) coils and circulates it throughout the refrigerator and freezer compartments. 1) Condenser fan motor. Here's the condenser fan motor for your model you can order: Manufacturer part number 4387244 is RepairClinic item number 2056 Jake . The condenser fan in my Kenmore Model # 106.57572791 failed. Imagine that if the fan does not stop working when the door is open, it will continuously blow the cold air out of the cabinet, and more hot air will come in. Any other thoughts? The fan should run when the compressor is running. Remove base grille if necessary. 3 Listen for the compressor fan (which will also tell you where the compressor is located—typically behind or beneath the refrigerator). The condenser coils, typically located on the back of the refrigerator, require room to move the heat away from the refrigerator. Tyler Z., Home … This fan runs simultaneously with the compressor and the evaporator motor. The fan in the freezer compartment of a refrigerator affects the operational efficiency of the refrigerator. However, if you haven’t heard that sound in a while, your compressor may be broken. This video provides step-by-step repair instructions for replacing the condenser fan motor on a Frigidaire refrigerator. As the engine that drives the cooling process, the compressor is an expensive piece of equipment to replace. If the clicking sound is accompanied by normal cooling, skip down to the Condenser Fan section. That's perfectly normal because the air inside the refrigerator gets warmer every time you open the door. Feel the condenser fan motor, is it hot or warm? Replace the condenser fan if it’s noisy or not running. Sweep or vacuum up any dirt, dust, pet hair, etc. The refrigerator condenser fan plays an essential role in the refrigeration cycle, but not all refrigerators have one. If you fridge turns on and off regularly or/and it’s not stay cool as normal, the problem could be with the condenser fan motor. The fan needs to move freely, so remove any rubbish that would block the blade’s movements. A noisy condenser fan usually … For instance, if your fridge isn't as cool as it should be and the clicking happens at intervals of five minutes or less—coinciding with the fridge running and going quiet—then there are likely only a couple of parts that could be to blame: the start relay and the condenser fan. After replacing it, I noticed the air flow blowing AWAY from the compressor. on the floor. That’s the compressor you hear. The compressor can turn off when the refrigerator is at the correct temperature. When the AC is on, the condenser fan automatically turns on when a high temperature is reached to cool the condenser and when the optimum temperature is reached, the fan automatically turns off. Your compressor kicking on and off is what you hear (or don’t hear) at various points during the day – you hear a faint humming noise coming from the fridge, and you know that it’s running. If the condenser fan does not function properly, the refrigerator’s temperature can rise and the compressor can overheat. when should condenser fan motor come on?refrigerator runs but fan does not.replaced motor,but still does not come on. One of the first symptoms that a fan has failed is … Show More. Answered in 1 minute by: 4/8/2012. The wife's solution is to get a new refrig. The Fan in the Freezer Compartment of the Fridge Is Not Working. This can easily come into contact with the condensation debris. When this happens, the fault could be in the wiring, the control panel or the fan itself. “If you determine the noise is caused by the condenser fan, try … How does a refrigerator use energy? A refrigerator goes through a cycle that turns on the compressor for cooling the air and pushing it into the fridge. A new condenser fan motor can be obtained from the refrigerator manufacturer or a local appliance parts distributor. Start your inspection by unplugging the fridge and taking off the access panel at the back. It consists of a series of copper tubes that overlap in a grid or coiling pattern. If your refrigerator isn't cooling and you don't hear the fridge fan running, this video guides you through diagnosing what's wrong with the refrigerator evaporator fan.

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